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They were kind, professional and maintained good humor throughout.

Client Name:

Rebecca Anderson

Service Provided:

Repaired a portion of an exterior soffit and fascia corner around a downspout.

I signed up for a special deal where I would receive four hours of professional carpentry for $149.

A previous contractor who I did not have a good experience with inexplicably removed a metal plate and disconnected a downspout that was not even involved with the job he was doing and left a gaping hole around the downspout when he re-installed it. I really wanted it fixed and I really didn’t want to attempt it myself.

So – when I saw the deal for four hours of carpentry I immediately thought of that soffit and drain being a perfect project to get knocked off my “to do” list. I was contacted within 24 hours by Brnardic Corporation to find out what I wanted done and to arrange a service date. The date had to be postponed once because of weather which was perfectly reasonable. On the next arranged date two carpenters arrived early in the morning, sized up what needed to be done and got right to work. They (Bill and Bill) were obviously experienced and worked well together. They gave me useful information about the condition of the porch rafters and roof condition without using annoying “scare tactics” in order to upsell me. I have an old house and am aware that there is always going to be more to do so I appreciate when someone is respectful of my time and budget. We’ve had enough work done around here to become skeptical when we get one of those “the sky is going to fall if …” . There was none of that. Just factual, reality based information. Priceless!

Bill and Bill were near finishing up the carpentry portion when it started to rain. And then pour. They didn’t flinch, but finished what they were doing. They were kind, professional and maintained good humor throughout. They even offered to come back on a dry day to prime and paint as the rain had come earlier than expected. While I appreciate that it was an included part of the service it’s not necessary as I can finish that myself. However, if I wasn’t capable or didn’t have the materials it’s nice to know that they would have. The carpentry was well done and just what we hoped for.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s an old house and there’s a lot more to be done. I thought of this special deal as sort of an “audition” for this company’s services. They are definitely getting a future call back!